Monday, August 06, 2007

The Lord has broke in, He has heard our cry! Ryan got a new guitar!! (for those of you who care, it's a Santa Cruz), we've been praying for this to come in for over a year, and it was well worth the wait!! we are super blessed and know the Lord has His perfect timing. we are sooooooo excited, because this next step makes ryan on his way to recording!! woohoo!! thankyou to all our support team for praying for this as well as donations for this cause. THANKYOU!!


  1. That's awesome, guys! I am so happy for you, Ryan! Yea! Praise God! Lora

  2. Sarah Q12:18 AM

    I am so excited for you Ryan. The Lord is blessing your faithfulness. Miss you and your family.

  3. Blessings,
    Ryan do you remember at the Upper Room after worship I spoke to you and told you one day you where going to record a CD? And when you do I get the first autographed copy? You just smiled and said " You think so !"
    Well this is so much a God thing.
    You and Susanna are followed by the presence of the Lord. And Susanna also carries the pure spirit of the Hebrew women from the biblical days.
    I am blessed to have meet you and your little ladies.I have as of yet not meet the third one. I am very proud of you both.
    My ministry has a new name:
    " Fire In The House " Ministries.
    God is doing awesome things in my life. He is so wonderful and faithful. The Prayer of Jabez is very powerful 1 Chronicles 4:10.
    Hallelujah Jesus
    Blessings In all you do !
    Always His
    Pastor Kim

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I Luv U Yet, GZUS Luv's U SOoooo Much MORE!!!