Friday, November 02, 2007

Things are going well here in "internicola-land". The girls are growing like weeds, Ember has sprung up a full 2 inches this past year! Ivory is close behind, everyone always asks if they are twins because they are so close in height. Adia has all her front teeth, is crawling and almost standing by herself. She'll be one on Nov. 14th! We are eager to celebrate and make cake (esp. Ember!!) Ryan has just finished recording his Live project from the prayer room. It went very very well, and we appreciate everyone's hard work and effort they put in for it. We are praying to have it done by Christmas, please join with us in prayer, (as the finances are needed for that). Thankyou for all your love and support of us, we love and appreciate you all so much!


  1. Liz Carey10:20 AM

    Hey guys!
    Dave and I have been checking in with your updates! We were excited about the guitar and will pray for the funds needed to get the CD released soon! Many blessings.

  2. Hi Ryan and Sooz!
    Thanks for the update--I love the picture!