Monday, March 03, 2008

This is 2008--Year of breakthrough! Let's believe it! We have been challenged to not be satisfied with the breakthrough that we've seen already, but ask for more! This year has a totally different feel to it, it's really been quite amazing!! So we have the faith for breakthrough, we've seen it in several areas, why not ask for more!? How much more will He do for those who cry out day and night? Let's count the ways and testify of His goodness!! He really is amazing, isn't He!?

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  1. Got the CD today in the mail! YEA! I love it! It reminded me of those few times when we got together with Sean and Gary and recorded a few songs... what amazing times of worship... even if they were just on cassette lol... I can't tell you how much I miss it, and how much my heart SCREAMS to be down there doing what you all are doing...beautiful songs... thank you so much for giving me a glimpse into your lives through your page and your really lifts my spirits! God bless...