Tuesday, March 17, 2009


well...i'm doing great, and all excited for the dinner we've got planned...gonna have some neighbors over for st. patty's day feast...when i got stuck in a jam...needed more corned beef! oy! so i called a fellow neighbor who might be able to help..- willing to go to the store for me and get the meat?...she was!...but i had no car for her to use...so i asked another neighbor if she could borrow his car..yes?! really? amazing!! and it all came together perfectly and in perfect timing! i love that our community is willing and available..(at least today!) i in need, hopefully when they are in need i am available to give to them..at least for now i gave them some of ryan's homemade scones...yum! ...i love it, the ebb and flow of life!! i am so thankful, and He is so good, so good....lovin life today! blessings to ya!

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  1. Rhonda4:49 PM

    I like this story. Especially the lemon poppyseed scones part of it. :)