Sunday, April 26, 2009

1. i am thankful for friends! this is our buddy Ezra who just moved in down the street...we went for a walk with him the other day, boys are different than girls for sure! it was fun!

2. i am very thankful for new glasses! i had an allergic reaction to something in my eye, contacts? makeup? not sure...but i had to get some glasses ASAP! now i am a happier momma for sure!

3. my boy Brighten!! is about to turn one! wow, how the year flew by!

4. pudding! i love it! (esp the vanilla kind)--and yes i did consume a whole box of instant pudding all by myself this week! yes, hubby was gone, and i enjoyed every drop...and i'm considering doing it again :) (yes i am counting those points!)

5. i love martha stewart magazine! yep, i just bought myself a year subscription...about time!


  1. that is awesome pudding yumm!! love the glasses!!! they look great :)

  2. Those glasses are smokin'!!!