Monday, April 06, 2009

i've been feeling sick the past couple of days....itchy throat, congestion...yuck! so not much inspiration or motivation. but i have discovered my love to shop! oh man! i re-visited TJ Maxx...and discovered Ross, i cannot wait to go to Marshalls! with my new weight loss of 53 lbs, i'm a new size that i've never been, so trying on clothing is amazing!! oh i can't get enough, there isn't enough time or energy in the day! and being with my 4 children hinders me in that adventure so every chance i get i want to run to those stores!! i could have a new addiction?!! sure is fun!! what's yours?


  1. shopping for my new baby girl has become quite an obsession. I just can't get over the pink, I love it!

  2. ross is one of my faves!!! love shopping too :) hard to watch the budget!

  3. whoa. I am in shock. 53 pounds! that is insane my friend! I am jealous for the same. But I am SO PROUD OF YOU! that must have been intense. you've given me new encouragement....been a terrible week for food and me.