Friday, April 10, 2009

thank God it's friday!

i'm thankful and here's why! :

1. i am so thankful for eye doctors, or doctors in general when they can really help you out and solve your problem...mine was an allergic reaction in my left eye..still don't know "why" but got medicine to help solve the problem! i love relief!

2. cool rain makes for a cozy feeling all around the house!

3. my hubby making chicken alfredo!--you know it's gonna be good! :)

4. laundry day--keeps me busy and feeling productive!

5. i love at&t! our new phone plan, so i can talk freely to friends and family far away!! yay!

how about you? give me one of yours!

1 comment:

  1. 1. birds singing...can real spring be far behind????? (ya never know living close to lake michigan!)
    2. the hot tub at the Y...did amazing things for my muscles strains from too much pre-spring yard clean up
    3. ibuprofen...same reason!!!
    4. the "gopher" my new way to pick up sticks from the yard and save my sore muscles
    5. beth moore bible studies with tas philas
    6. new recipes that turn out good!
    7. BARGAINS! (got my "mother of the bride" outfit for cheap!)