Sunday, May 03, 2009

i like cute aprons!

i just discovered that i enjoy looking cute while i clean my house! i only discovered that after my great friend jenn gave me this really really cute apron that she ordered for herself on etsy, she didn't like the way it fit her, so she passed it on to me! i've had non-stop compliments when i wear it, from random people who happen to stop by the house while i'm wearing it! --and let me just tell you--it makes my day! "oh! i look cute? i'm cleaning, wiping butts, and trying to keep my sanity! cool!" feels great! i think i need to invest in more cute aprons now...maybe one for every day of the week! sounds like fun to me!!

so, the other day i was in world market, (my absolute favorite store!) and they had these really cute pink rubber gloves on sale/clearance and i had to get cute! put it all together and wham-bam!-cute cleaning outfit! yay! fun times...way to spice up the mundane if you ask me! what do you do to spice up your day?


  1. i'll do something randomly nice to myself when i feel the mundane-ness of life.. here are a few: buy myself starbucks (either a mocha or a breve americano depending on my need for caffeine), or find spots in my day when i can write a bit of my thoughts down to God even if there are no spots or time for it, or if there's sun stare at the blue sky or if it's raining make sure to watch the raindrops fall off of the windows...
    aprons are a good choice! I love Etsy stuff, you should stick a little etsy mini on your blog so i can see your favorites. :)
    - Jenn

  2. i love it jenn! great ideas....and i never heard of an etsy mini before...i'll have to look into that!! yay~!

  3. have you tried vaccuming in a sexy maid outfit with!! way to spice up the relationship too :) hahahaha

  4. i think we need a picture of you in your cute new apron!!