Thursday, May 21, 2009

man! i've been out of it! yup- the sacrifice of raising 4 wonderful children, leaves me out of certain areas of the airport! so as i am there today, (all by myself) i get caught up in people watching,( i am so prone to it and enjoy it thoroughly!) and looking at all the updated airports.. and here are several things i've noticed/experienced:

--in the charlotte airport...when did they get bathroom attendants that you tip?
--in the JFK airport--when did they get amazing bars and computer bars to check e-mail?
--when the bathroom attendant told me to have a nice flight, i replied "you too!"--what? nevermind....haha!
--flying jetblue, everyone has their own personal cable TV/radio screen infront of them, headphones only $1!-no cash. no cash? how weird--only credit/debit cards!
--nobody talks on planes anymore, nope, nobody.
--tv is really trashy these days.

but i made it to my parents...i'm glad to be here, already got some new clothes! yippee! it's about time i bought a on the list! :)

this pic is one my mom took...she's really really good at it!

1 comment:

  1. Trish7:55 PM

    yes, your mom is good at taking pictures of beautiful things and making them as beautiful as they are in real life.
    love your comments on the world around you. you have a nice flight and I will too.
    love you
    miss you