Monday, May 18, 2009


ryan and i just had an amazing conversation that freed me up to do the things i've dreamed of doing!! to live life and love my children and to do things i've always wanted to can fruit or pick strawberries and make jam, store up for winter,...etc! i've always wanted to do these things, my mom has done them and she inspires me. but the past 3-5 years i haven't been able to do these dreams of mine....why?--we were in a different season.... we are in a new place now of simplification. it brings much rest and peace to my soul, wow! i am free to do these things now! really? yeah, really! i feel free and i am just now learning to embrace this season of rest! also i am eager to experience the Lord in these things. hallelujah! i'm so thankful for this season...more than i realize...more than i know!

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  1. Wow! That got me thinking. We spent the weekend at the beach relaxing and thinking how nice it is to just enjoy the fresh air and be together with our little family(doggies not kiddies) and how wonderful simplicity can be! We love you!