Sunday, May 10, 2009


i watched movie two nights ago, "Man on the moon"--yeah, a bit depressing and those childhood years bug me, pretty good movie. the "man on the moon"-line in the movie is all about telling the man on the moon all your troubles, give him all the pieces of the puzzle-so that while you sleep he can put it all together, when you wake up, it's all better! but i am hearing the Lord speaking to me! woohoo! all because i had a dream the next the dream my dad calls me...and his ring on my cell phone was this old version of batman and he says "Talk"--i excuse myself and start to talk with my dad on the phone....end of dream. So, i hear the Lord telling me "talk"! Talk to me! tell me your heart, tell me your woes, dreams, hopes, everything! so i'm working on being more open, honest and real with the Lord...even if it has to be out loud! i don't have time to write it all as weird as i feel talking out-loud...i'm trying! i know He is all knowing, but it's relationship building that i believe i'm working on, engaging my heart and mind with Him, and to Him. He is good, and that's what He wants!!

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  1. Brenda A. Lamont12:51 AM

    Hmmmmm....yeah, talking out loud is kinda weird. When I talk/pray in my head I jump from one topic into another before I even know it. Talking out loud might help keep me more focused?
    I'm praying for the Lord to speak to me in dreams.....please!!! That also means that I'm