Monday, July 13, 2009

what a day! i love it when the cabinets are running empty, fridge is getting bare, and then we get to go shopping and load it all up again! that's really when i feel well-loved and taken care of, for sure! yep, today is that day! i also got a new craft for ember to do--popsicle sticks and glue! oh man....she is creative! she was making letters and whatnot...i was pretty impressed! fun times, i have lots of VBS memories with popsicle sticks and glue...just the smell brings it all back!

i keep on forgetting that it's july. every night it gets down in the 70's and it's really enjoyable! so lately my favorite time of the day is around 7-8pm when i can go outside and breathe and be alone or with my hubby. very nice indeed!

here's a pic of adia--she's getting so big!--she says she's 3 already, and i correct her, saying
"you turn 3 in november!"
she rebuttles "no i'm not ember!"
oi! :)

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  1. ahhhhh she is growing up to fast!!! :( i miss my buddy! omg gotta love vbs crafts!!