Monday, August 31, 2009

New Mercies every morning!

A whirlwind continues to swirl around me! just when i get back and settled, glad to be here, excited for the future here, all the swirling starts! what? Zhop closing? everyone leaving? what?? sell my house??! do i leave or stay?? everything is unsettled now.....but our hope is in God. that is for certain. He is in control, no matter how out-of-control my feelings are! wow, i'm hurtin' bad for the young adults in this community not knowing what to do. yeah...

Great is His faithfulness to us.
it will all be okay.
thankyou Jesus for this shaking.


  1. God sized problem= none of my/your involvement. He is faithful that is for sure!s

  2. z-hop is closing? I thought the leadership was just changing...

  3. beth--we thought so too! new leadership won't be taking over....closing instead! crayzee.

  4. Liz Carey8:45 AM

    Oh!! How I understand! Love and much Grace to you in this season. :) See you soon!