Friday, August 07, 2009


we are going to a wedding today!! i'm excited, mainly about the reception--cuz we get to see lots of old college friends and dance!! the grandparents are watching all of the children and rye and i just get to be ourselves and dance! yippee! i'm super excited!!

we've been having a great time visiting friends and family. we are praying that the Lord would lead us gently and show us anything! (like what to do next, what's best for us in this upcoming season)--still no clear direction as of yet. thankyou for your prayers and love!


  1. Dance! Dance! Have a great time! Praying God's voice will be exceedingly close and clear. Miss you guys!

  2. Trish8:10 PM

    ya for a wedding date! such a fun time for the two of you...hope you acted all silly and wild. would have loved to come and see that! (: go dance!

  3. thankyou danni and thankyou trish! i danced my little heart out!! so much fun! :)

  4. Hey Sooz! This is a great post because you mention how excited you are to dance at the wedding and there are soooo many pictures posted on the wedding-pic-site of you...dancing!! I think the photographer was like "dude this chick rocks!" Love ya