Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Vacation

Our family had our first family vacation all to ourselves! it was an awesome set-up from
the Lord. my good friend Lora told us about this awesome cottage in
Moravian Falls that she takes her family to on their vacations, and it looked great!
So, we got to go! all by ourselves, and ryan got his dream hobbit vacation--doing nothing!!
it rained pretty much the whole time, very overcast. we literally did nothing, except run to the Dollar store to buy the girls some special princess dolls--oh man, did they love it!
All we did was watch "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"-(my fav. musical ever! now my girls fav too!), eat, read books and sleep! very relaxing...they kids loved the cabin that we stayed in as well.
it was perfect! when i did get restless to see people, i pulled out a puzzle and did that....
nothing like a good puzzle! :)

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