Monday, September 28, 2009

my baby boy is growing and excelling so fast! he is enthralled with books lately, and just today he is repeating after you--"uh-oh!" "ball!"
such a cutie!! these days are numbered and so precious!

i finally feel like i have "arrived"--happy where i am, one day at a time. yes, the neighbors are moving, but for now they are still here! the last couple of days i introduced "the sound of music" to the girls....oh they love it!! saying 'frauline Maria' is another story! today we had quite a discussion of how to say it correctly...the closest i got ember to say was "frauline ramia"! ha!!
i love all of those songs, and my heart comes alive at the music and inspiration that maria is as a governess...i want my children to be in awe of me....that we would sing and dance our way through life....ah..alas...such is life...

been meditating on the verse in Ephesians-- "we are His workmanship"
it's been interesting and extremely freeing;
I am His.
He created me to be me!
He loves me for who i am!!
i am His will.
His desire is for me!

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  1. Liz Carey4:59 PM

    Love it! You're such a great, fun mom! Seriously. :) Looking forward to see you guys in a couple of weeks!