Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, the girls had their first sleep over! so much fun having their friend micah over to spend the night in their new bunk beds. such a treat. too bad it will be the last one with micah...she's moving next week... with everyone else on the street! goodness. it'll be different around here for sure....can't wait to see what the Lord does!!

this week is my first week "schooling" ember! it's been super fun and i'm loving it! i'm using the curriculum--Five in a Row. it's super easy and so much fun, and i'm even learning too! you read one book 5 days in a row and get a different subject each day...it's great and super easy! so much fun to see ember interacting and learning sooooo much!!
here's my favorite fall color! i love watching the leaves change---goes right along with the theme lately...change... no lack, that's for sure!

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