Friday, November 27, 2009

5 Things i love, Friday!

1. friends at my house on thanksgiving!! we had such a good time with 8 adults and 8 children for thanksgiving dinner.

2. i love this season--thanksgiving-christmas are my favorite holidays to celebrate. i love the focus on family and loving each other.

3. i love people!! i really do! i love that God has given me a piece of His heart when i have compassion for people! it's pretty sweet.-i can't contain it!

4. i love that we are starting to decorate for christmas today!! my good friend bought us a christmas tree already!! this is the earliest i've ever had one!!

5. i love to worship Jesus. we had a sweet time of singing together, and i love just belting out my voice to the Lord. such a good feeling!

may you all be blessed abundantly this season!

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