Saturday, December 05, 2009

merry christmas!! today we are frosting our cut-out cookies. the other day we were cutting out big snowflakes that are now hanging from the ceiling! we are getting festive around here!! my wonderful hubby just made me an awesome peppermint cappucino! he's the best!!
i feel so much better--last night i got hit with a huge migraine....i haven't had one of those in such a looooooong time!! it was horrible....i get those visual squiggly lines in my vision before they hit....i actually had three of them....then threw up several times....sorry for the details...but it was BAD!

so i hope you all are doing soooo much better than i was!! i am very thankful this day for my health and for those around me.....blessings to you all!!

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  1. sorry sista...headache no fun!!cookie time looks so fun!!