Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day

Last night ryan surprised me with a valentine's gift--going to see john and stasi eldredge on their "Love and War" book tour! they were 5 minutes away from our house on valentine's night!! how cool is that? yes, i divine set-up for our evening. it was so good and inspiring for our marriage.
for me the best part of the evening was the worship at the end, so good for my soul! how i realize that i miss worshipping my Lord.

we also got to hang out with a couple that we've wanted to hang out with for awhile now, they were there, so we all went to IHOP -(pancakes)-and talked the night home around was a late night, but so worth it! that was such fun.

today it's a rainy day monday, gonna try to be creative with the kiddos....we'll see how well that works! have a great day!!

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