Friday, April 30, 2010

it's strawberry season!!
i'm so excited because our town's strawberry festival is this weekend and i saw they were having a recipe contest! so i entered in the pie/tart category. i'm going to make my fresh strawberry pie--this pie ryan and i make every strawberry season--a MUST! so i'm very excited to be entering and joining in on the fun! i feel like my mom (i know she entered cooking contests when i was little) and i'm just oober excited to have an outlet! creatively cooking/baking.
this has been my theme the past weeks and the Lord is meeting me in it!
i am encouraged and loving it!
thankyou Jesus! so, i'll keep you posted!


  1. wish i could just pop over and grab a slice of that yummy lookin' pie...oh my. you do make good pies!!!

  2. Liz Carey7:07 AM

    zI also miss the cooking and baking that comes from the Internicola home! I hope you win!