Saturday, May 15, 2010

so here is a pic of the rhubarb upside-down cake that i made.
it definitely was amazing, and also reminded us of a type of coffee cake because of the
crumble on the bottom. YUM!! i miss the rhubarb....don' know why it doesn't grow around here.

so life is been good, a bit dull (which is really good in raising children terms!)-no news is good news i guess! been trying to figure out how to spice up my life---been at this raising babies/children for 6 years now.....i'm a bit used to it. :) so yeah.
any ideas? would love some suggestions! :) thanks.


  1. looks delicious! if there is any left, i'd love a piece! :)

  2. A move halfway across the country would spice things up a little :-) I hear Kansas City is nice.

  3. @andy-- haha

    @lora--not much left sorry!!

  4. learn an instrument? or a craft like sewing or something? or start stamping again? i dont know! you're so creative!

  5. that looks soooo good!!!I can't wait for rhubarb pie this summer. Things to spice up your life.....join a mommy's group or something that you can have the option to take the kids places for free, or you can start taking pictures and editing them for fun. You have such a nice camera!