Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Things I love Friday!

1. Constant Comment Tea- just bought some and forgot how much i love it!

2. my hubs~! he's so wonderful and i love him! i am amazed that he hasn't run away and left get's quite chaotic and loud around here. he's awesome!!

3. ice cream--i bought more....cuz i love it so!! (fav: moose tracks!)

4. granola! i'm experimenting with different recipes to see which i love the best....i'll be sure to post which one is the winner!

5. olivia jean! she sure is sweet! (see above pic!)


  1. now all u need for your ice cream is shell! Livvy (Livy? Live-y? Lyvy?) is very cute!! :)

  2. someone did buy me shell...yes it's all gone! :) livie?