Friday, August 20, 2010

So my two oldest girls are off to school! ember-1st grade and ivory-kindergarten.
wow. they grew up fast!--i know they aren't done growing up :) but this milestone is huge!
they are doing great in school! it's is quite hilarious what they come home telling us about.
ember- came home telling us about the discipline system...."at lunch if you drink out of the blue cup you may talk quietly..but if you drink out of the red cup you cannot talk!"
ivory--"i hate that stink in that room. it's from the bus."
also, when asked about her first day ivory told us that she would tell us about it tomorrow!
wow, i feel the much they learn about that i don't know....but it's good. they are going to thrive. i'm going to have to trust the Lord!
it's been pretty amazing how your children stretch your life. i'm now praying for 3 teachers that i never had before...they will get many friends, and experiences beyond my reach! i feel my heart expanding...and it's a good thing! there it is. i will post their first day of school pics soon, once i get them off my hubby 's phone-camera!!

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  1. so glad the girls are adjusting to school so well. this is going to be a good season for you, my friend! and your little baby girl is so sweet! i love that dress... lora