Monday, September 06, 2010


i've been thinking alot lately about motherhood. i'm in a new season of it, having children off to school now. it feels alot like my heart is extended and far away from me. a bit crazy feeling. i know you other moms out there have felt this before! i now feel like a "real" mom? joining all the rest in "school-mom-dom!"
it's hard to focus on anything i want to get done...cuz my babies are grown and on their own in the school system! yikes! i'm also seeing how in love i'm becoming with my being etched on my heart for her. wow....that love happened over 6yrs ago for ember! now she's so big and so independent!
these are my little thoughts.....just thought i'd share :)


  1. i can totally relate. you are doing SUCH a fantastic job, my friend. REALLY AND TRULY! I am so proud of you!!!
    love you

  2. i love your little thoughts