Friday, October 22, 2010


1. my mailbox!--actually i love the plant that is growing on/in it! it's a black-eyed susan vine. makes me happy just to look at it!

2. coffee in the morning--it reminds me alot of sipping chocolate! yum!

3. Abuelita!--you've GOT to try it! i learned about it through Dora the explorer! trust me, the mexican's have got this one right, it's soooooo yummy!! (hot chocolate with coconut and cinnamon!) go run to your local grocery store and try won't regret it!

4. the Cosby Show- i've been getting past seasons at the library and having a good laugh almost every night! we can really relate to them cuz they have 5 children as well--one boy, 4 girls. it's destiny! :)

5. MacGyver- yup! still love him, even though he is a player! he still is a genius to me! and the mullet isn't as bad as i thought it would be! (did i just say that?) wow.


  1. i love that vine on your mailbox too! makes me smile...

  2. last time i was at your house, i was admiring your mailbox vine!

  3. yeah for God who makes you smile with his creation on your mailbox!
    love that you are watching old shows from the library! we had mcgyver dvd nights here not too long ago. a little more cheesy and a little more "friendly" than I remember. but still a cool cucumber.

  4. You should try this Sooz-
    Your best dark chocolate (I used some with almonds in it) chopped up. Add to hot coconut milk (unsweetened) and whisk until chocolate is completely dissolved. Its super thick and chocolaty and YUM!