Friday, November 26, 2010


1. shopping!! i just went shopping on black friday for the first time!! woohoo! let's just say,
the kids are set for christmas!! :)

2. decorating the tree up more to go!

3. Gifting! i'm getting really excited already to ship packages and gifts to beloved ones! i am frequenting alot these days!! :)

4. food of course! bring on the cookies, right? gonna explore that new martha stewart cookie book i picked up at a yard sale!

5. gathering of friends/family/loved ones! i will miss those far away for sure, but i'm going
to try to make the most of who's around me! looking forward to blessing my russian neighbors, new mexican friends, and american friends near! (i feel so international, gosh i love america!)

blessings to all of you in this holiday season!

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