Monday, December 27, 2010


Ember Lane has been praying for snow, seriously ALL year long!
and i'm amazed how long this snow has lasted!! this is the third day in a row that it is
still here!! that's a record people! normally it melts by the end of the day!
yep, it's cold!!
the Lord definitely loves her! :)


  1. i love seeing these pics of your beautiful kiddos. and what a great snowman!

  2. just so you know, my word verification for the last comment was 'flart'. this time, its 'swaggies'. i think i like those words alot.

  3. they were able to make a snowman! I love it! you guys have more snow than we do! and Jenn, my word is "nectoc". I think "flartswaggies" sounds like a pirate curse. just sayin'.