Monday, January 10, 2011

My birthday Dinner!

One of the main things i wanted for my birthday was a dinner party!
i chose the meal, and invited friends, and it was wonderful!!
ryan made me Julia Child's favorite Roast chicken.
it's really complicated, he says.
i believed him when i saw the instructions 3 pages long! yikes!
i guess he loves me ! :)

me and ivory (my mini)

Lora and Jen

Dinner! oh boy!

Table all set up so nicely by Mona

Ryan and the instructions

Lighting the chicken on fire...yes this is supposed to happen!

in the dark! pretty cool.
all in all, i was super blessed. Mona finished off the night by bringing out the cake!
boston cream pie.
my favorite!!
(dont know why i didnt get a pic)


  1. Looks like you were blessed, by the way all of you ladies look beautiful! Miss ya and Happy Be-lated Birthday!

  2. Janine Zomermaand4:48 PM

    What a great event, Susanna! Great food, friends, and family. Some of the greatest things in life.

  3. Liz Carey5:08 PM

    Oh wonderful! Dave just said to me the other day, "Remember when we had our friends over for my birthday and we had 2 cakes?!"

  4. yay!! what a great post! i love it. and look at all those fun pictures! i am so happy you invited me. it was an awesome night. :) happy birthday, susanna!!