Friday, February 18, 2011


So, i took the little ones for a walk the other day when ryan and adia were
sick-o. it's beautiful!! i love it when the "groundhog sees his shadow!"
(a.k.a.-early spring!)
gosh i love the south when that happens.
i remembered 5 yrs ago when we moved here it was like that. amazing!
last year was not so. it jumped from winter to summer....ew.

brighten loves going for walks around our little pond/lake.
lots of ducks and geese...even a new swan? if you can call it's got this weird orange thing on it's weird. i'll post a pic when i figure out my bluetooth on this new computer.

so i did a bit of cleaning experimentation.
i've been making lavender water.
it's easy.

5-6 drops of pure lavender essential oil.
boil 2 quarts of water, simmer for about an hour to get impurities out.

then add the lavender and let it sit until cool.
i add it to a spray bottle and i use it for our hair! it adds a pretty smell and did you even know that the word lavender comes from the word :
so: whatever i spritz is getting a little cleaner!! i love doing it in my girls hair!!
i feel like they are a bit cleaner! :)
so i tried it on my carpet! it was great!!!
i used a scrub brush too, and my carpet looks a lot better!!
happy me! i'm even going to spritz my bed sheets to freshen them up!
i have many more ideas for this lavender spray! hurray!
just thought i'd share! :)


  1. love those pics! esp that one of brighten with the castle in the background. :)
    and great idea with the lavender water. you are so creative!
    loving that you are blogging more regularly now.

  2. great idea with the lavender!!! i have some of that oil and I add it to epsom salts to make bath salts. I'm going to have to try the spray idea!!