Friday, April 08, 2011

this girl is going to town! she's growing so fast, eating/sucking on graham crackers
and loving being older every day!!
she's so sweet now,...mimicking sounds and giggling!

here's a pic of ember's birthday cake!
isn't mona amazing? she should go into business....princess cake business! :)

some of my creativity! sourdough bread!
finally! making sourdough is a LONG process, more than i knew...
yet very worth it! i'm falling in love with sourdough pancakes,
sourdough bread...i'm also tempted to try sourdough pretzels....ooh yum!

i thought i'd post this just cuz we miss him!
yes, it's been a whole week without him,
3 more days....counting it down!

but all in all, we are well!

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