Saturday, July 30, 2011

i heart movies!

one of my favorite websites i gravitate to every day, sometimes multiple times a day is the pioneer woman. have you checked her out yet? she's hilarious!!
and she gives away some cool stuff, at least every week!
but alas, she is so popular the chances of winning anything (at least 50,000 view/comment on her blog!)
crazy! she's that good!
i got introduced to her when my mom bought me her cookbook--which is awesome!! my husband was very happy when i started making all of her recipes! there's some great ones!!
so, anyways she has a new section on her website- entertainment! that's right up my alley!  i love a good movie to watch, and the way she talks about them makes me want to watch all of them! yikes!
so recently i watched Chariots of Fire--directly because she raved about it so!
i realized some things about myself in watching this movie:

1. i don't really like watching movies alone. makes me feel sneaky. sometimes i like to feel sneaky, but most times not so when watching for entertainment and trying to wind down from being around youngin's all day.

2. british movies and me, don't really mix. i need an interpreter! seriously! i don't know why i cannot follow the plot, at least 2 scenes go by and i'm asking...what just happened?  why can't i get it?

 so yeah! there's my rant on movies! 
got any glorious ones to recommend me?


  1. Ben and I just watched chariots of fire this week! :)

  2. bekah! that's crazy! how did you like it??

  3. We liked it we both have seen it before it had just been awhile.