Monday, July 25, 2011


so, yes! we went on vacation, for about 3 weeks! yikes is that long!?! but we got to see lots of family and friends. such a good time! :)
 here we are in the car! the kids were super excited to get on the road to see grandma's!!
little did they know how their bums would hurt from driving 
12 straight hours~!!
they are troupers though!

 we made it to NY!! and we relaxed on the 4th of july in grandma and grandpa's shade, so nice!
 then ryan whisked me away! for real! a true get-away from the kiddos, we divided them up and passed them out to willing friends and family. i was truly blessed and completely surprised!... and not only that, but we got to get away with our wonderful friends j &j!  all we had was babies on our 2 day/2night escape. 
and what did we do?--NOTHING!!! so glorious. when you have many young children, boredom is NOT in your vocabulary anymore!

 see how happy and peaceful i look?
here's some highlights of the rest of the trip:
 black-raspberries!! my favorite!

 who doesn't love a hammock?

swim, swim, swim!!

more pics to come!!

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  1. yay! so glad you had such a great trip. and i love that pic of you! you're right - you look so relaxed and peaceful. :) i am happy you are home though! i missed you. :)