Tuesday, August 09, 2011

make it monday!

hello friends!
i've been deeply inspired....seeing all these blogs and crafting pictures on pinterest...oh boy!
i want to create sooooooooo badly!
i have to make good use of the little time i have,
when not taking care of 5 young beauties!
 but today i've purposed to make "something".
so after looking at this:

and this:

from my favorite new website !
it is super inspiring!!
so, i've decided to make a fabric flower today, and maybe every day this week!
and i want to challenge all of you crafters out there to make one too!!
join me in making a fabric flower--!
 and add it to a headband, or shoes, or use it on a present!
options are endless! :)
happy flower making!!


  1. i want to see the ones you make!

  2. they really look so cute!! i am glad i got to pop in tonight and say hi. missed seeing you. :)