Friday, March 02, 2012

11 random questions/answers!

1.  What is the scariest thing you've ever done?--jumping off of Rexley bridge in Vermont with my siblings...don't remember how old i was,(9-12?) but it was definitely a parent approved thing! my mom sat by and took pics! the next scariest thing would be confronting anyone! :)

2.  If you could be a character on a TV show, which show would you be on?
i still want to be on an episode of MacGyver...:) one where he saves me!
3.  What are your three favorite colors of fingernail polish?

Merlot, nude, pink

4.  Who are your celebrity crushes? --Richard Dean Anderson, (childhood), Christian Slater, Johnny Depp, Matthew Mcconaughey (his voice)

5.  What are you really, really good at? making popcorn on the stove, making coffee, laughing loud, listening.

6.  A place you'd like to live? anywhere near beloved friends! but i would love to visit europe, maybe live in ireland/scotland for a bit.

7.  What do you really wish your name was? ?? never thought about it!

8.  The silliest mistake you've ever made? goodness! where to i start? mommy-brain!!! forgetting people's names...not understanding a joke...misplacing important items? end!

9.  If you could be any type of (real or imagined) animal, what would you be, and why?
probably a bird, i've always wanted to fly!
10.  What part of yourself do you like the most? my compassionate heart towards people. i LOVE that i LOVE people!! i guess it's His heart, and i really love that He lets me feel it :) i also like my hair :)

11.  What is your most absolutely favorite thing to eat? popcorn! then ice cream....yum! oh,... but then there's pudding....!


  1. Sooz. I love you! And I love your popcorn. Can't wait to share a bowl full. When? who knows.

  2. Oh, wow! THAT is scary!!! I LOVE MacGuyver!!!! Haha...I have mommy-brain, too! loved learning about you!!! I love that you love people...what a wonderful gift! Thanks so much for your comment!! :)

  3. you're too cute and i miss you.