Friday, July 05, 2013

June Cara-box!

Yes!- the official beginning of summer! woohoo!
the kids are rip-roaring-ready for it!
my new friend Bekah from
made me this package and sent it to me,
I was excited to receive it!
she did an awesome job.
take a look!
This month's Cara-box was themed Carnival's and Fairs.

What a colorful bunch of gifts!
Included was an encouraging letter from her to me :)

Awesome sunblock that I've already used half of!! 

 oh yeah! cotton candy at it's best--instant gratification baby!!

  the kids really loved these bubble gums!

 These are always super fun to wear to any carnival/fair, I'm also super excited to try these with some pinterest ideas...we will see!

 We have actually been needing straws lately....
these will do just fine!! :)

a sample pack of lotions/shampoo/conditioners.

There you have it! June's cara-box!
If you want to see the box I sent, go over to this page.

Anyone can join and do a cara-box! You don't need to have a blog to do it! Just click on the cara-box button on the right and sign up!
happy summer y'all!

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