Thursday, February 05, 2009

So, i am officially starting this blog as my own....susanna, mother of 4 children.
i am lacking a specific vision for this, so right now it will be me reflecting on life, motherhood, and whatever else i happen to be thinking of and willing to share!

so i read a recent article that shared the information that all children have a fear of new food, whether that fear lasts long or not varies from child to child. The article also suggested that you expose new food to your children at least 10 times before you rule it out as a "dislike"--supposedly by the 10th time your child won't be afraid to try it! --i thought that was pretty interesting!--hopefully helpful! :)


  1. yay!!! i'm excited! you have so much wisdom and so much to offer other mommies! love you! lora

  2. SOOO TRUE!!! While I don't have kids of my own.... when I worked in the feeding clinic we would just introduce a food to the table and not even address it's presence...... then put it on the kid's plate and not ask them to try it..... then put it on their plate again and ask them to try it.....

  3. sweet confirmation beth!! thankyou!