Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!!

so--here's 5 reasons i'm thankful today--

1. my hubby gave me the morning off---woohoo!
2. i got to do whatever the heck i wanted--yay!! so i went to starbucks--enjoyed a london fog tea and a blueberry coffee cake...then went to several stores, in and out with ease! (no children)
3. i love that Ember, Ivory and Adia love this book "Out came the sun"-by Heather Collins- it's a random book i got from the library--all nursery rhymes connected into one story through pictures...really cute!
4. i love baking--got to bake some valentine's day cookies for tomorrow!
5. i am thankful that my husband isn't super duper busy on fridays!

blessings to you all--have a wonderful Valentine's day!


  1. isn't it wonderful to have time off? glad you got a little break!