Sunday, June 28, 2009


yes, i am reading this amazing book by john and stasi eldredge! i am halfway through it and i am already highly recommending this book! my favorite part so far is a reference to "kisses from God"--stasi talks about how john went to the ocean and the Lord gave him a "kiss" by having a huge whale show up (it was neither migration season or a reason for that whale being there!)--so stasi went to the beach asking for a "kiss" from the Lord--she didn't get a whale but saw a beautiful starfish! she was blessed and kept walking, turned a corner and got a whole beach-full of starfishes!-all ranging in different colors! she was completely wowed!

i have my own "kiss" from the Lord story---and i still want more! it was about 5-6 years ago, living in Sheboygan, WI....went for a walk on the beach, and took my camera--felt compelled to do so, and i just had this feeling that i was going to find something from the Lord. i kept walking (i was 8 mo pregnant with ember at the time) and was just about to get off the beach when lo and behold there in the sand was written:


i was speachless and so overwhelmed and excited with the Love the Lord had for me! wow...really? i do? woah!
how has the Lord given you a kiss? please share!

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  1. I'm sure I have kiss stories to share too, and I actually had a kiss to pass on to someone else from a message on the beach once. anyway, I did get a wink from God once (I guess you could interchange wink and kiss), which I probably already told you about, but it's fun to remember. So back in college, Keith and I were on a walk at night, in the darkness of Iowa and a wide open sky full of stars. And as I was a bit behind him, I looked over my shoulder, sensing the goodness of God and these times with Keith, and there it was...a shooting star, for my eyes only, and a knowing in my heart that Keith was the one for me. Like God was saying, this is the one I've picked out for you. Wink (like a Father would with a smile)...Enjoy!
    That was my favorite Kiss/Wink from God.