Thursday, July 02, 2009

Today, wasn't such a normal day.....last night a migraine headache woke me up at 4:30am....ew and ow! hurt so much i threw up...yep...very bad. so rye let me sleep in...and all day i felt "out of it" and my head felt like it had a major work-out....weird. what are migraine's anyways? what causes them and why do they happen? so weird...

but i had fun with the kiddos anyways...we made homemade playdough...ivory picked the color yellow for it, which was very appropriate...they love to make spaghetti and various foods with their playdough...too bad Brighten likes to eat it no matter what it looks like! :)

"Finding Nemo" is the movie we watch every day around here....thank God for friends who let us borrow that movie! (jenn!-life saver!) ember prefers the full screen version vs. the wide screen. ( i agree on that...who cares if i'm missing the whole's BIGGER!)

so yeah, good day....i went and got WIC vouchers and found that we now get cash vouchers for fruits and veggies! that made my day when i went to redeem them, i bought the girls a big thing of strawberries, real corn on the cob and more....we feasted tonight, it was so much fun...they all loved the corn...husking and all! :) i love july!


  1. yummy corn!! aww love you guys!! i use to get Dr said its very common in women especaily around your period time. it has to do with the blood vessels contacting. sorry sister they suck! i pop a pain pill once i start getting the flashing in my eye. (i get the visual signs before the pain)

  2. i used to get the visuals too--so weird....but when you are sleeping they are no help! :) haven't had them in so weird.

  3. Hey Susanna...we love you guys so much....and know that there is always a place for your WHOLE family to stay when you come to KC! Ta still prays for the "girls" every night!

  4. aw--we love you too, thanks for the place and the prayers!! we are gonna miss you guys so much....i want to see pics soon of your place!