Friday, June 19, 2009

Five things i love Friday! :

1. spending a whole entire day with my great friend trish! i took her to Amelie's French bakery....yum! good eats, good conversation...then a chick flick (27 Dresses)!

2. i love ivory!--ever since we have visitors she's been camping out in my bedroom....she wakes up randomly, talks in her sleep and wakes up super early....she is so sweet when just waking i love her!

3. Friends. i feel like i am learning more and more about friendship, what i means, how to be one and such. i am thankful for all my friends--you are dear to my heart!

4. fresh cut grass---looks amazing, smells great!--(thankyou Genevra!)

5. giving! i am realizing that one of the great benefits of being a parent is that you have decided already to give to your children.-time, money, emotion, energy......and then, you can still give more, if you so choose! i am blessed with my children and i'm inspired to give to them more!

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