Wednesday, June 24, 2009

new inspirations!

lately i've been inspired to explore the making of bread. it's been sooooooo fun!! i made my first sponge starter, and bread.....this is the way to go!! i never want to do the other ways again!! so much more flavor and crust!! wow...i'm amazed and in love! so we had a wonderful yummy italian dinner tonight,....had to invite some friends over....i couldn't help but share! we have lots of fresh basil in the garden, so bruschetta (on the amazing crusty bread) and pesto over pasta! a dear friend of mine bought me a bushel of peaches so i made a yummy peach pie for dessert~! oh, i'm a bit full...and i need to explore a new hobby not involving food!--maybe excercise? :)


  1. Mmm. I love bruschetta.

  2. you make me laugh...I love it...and I love what you're loving!