Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Adia as a happy princess!

here's the latest dress up clothes!! we went yesterday to target to look at clearance halloween costumes.....we got some good ones...and they were thrilled~! this was actually the first time my girls got to pick out costumes, all the ones we have, have been gratefully given to us. around here, dress up day is every day!!

Ivory is dressed like mermaid Ariel!

Ember is the glamorous winter princess!


  1. OMG! so cute...ember is so beautiful as a snow queen!

  2. Such beautiful girls! Andrew and I just looked at these pictures. He just said "Mommy, they don't have a prince though, we should go back there so I can be their prince." We are really looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!

  3. what beautiful princesses!!