Tuesday, November 10, 2009

update on life

so far, so good!-- gettin' a bit lonely since the neighbors have all moved...and watching new people move into their houses is all the more weird. but God is good and i'm doing well.

i am loving homeschooling my daughter Ember--why?--because she is coming ALIVE!!--for real, this is what she has needed, intentional one-on-one time with mom. who knew? i am amazed and my heart is coming alive as i serve her and the other children in this new way....causing them to learn and think, putting a couple of things together in a day. wow!

We are reading the Rag Coat right now--and we are starting to sew and do patchwork pillows and quilts. very appropriate for this coming weekend as we head to NY for rye's grandpa's funeral. i've requested some of his shirts for ember and i to make into a memory quilt. i'm excited for that...Ember's already realized that she doesn't have anything black to wear at the funeral! --oh no! God will provide, somehow...if anything you can wear brown or a dark color, right?

my heart is soaring because i see fruit already from schooling!! Ember was playing in the rain today...jumping in the puddles and she runs to the door and tells me how the puddles are filling up higher and higher--just like the Yangtze river!! (last week we just finished reading all about Ping and learned about China!). She remembered the other books that Robert McCloskey wrote,(Blueberries For Sal!) as we read a new one of his today..(Make Way For Ducklings)...basically she's a genius!! yep--i'm a proud parent/teacher!!
who knew this could be so easy and fruitful?
i am truly blessed.


  1. i'm so proud of you!

  2. Me too! Homeschool rocks! I'm all jealous of Ember now. ;-) I remember all those books. Will be praying for you guys' safe travels.