Monday, December 28, 2009

newest obsession: Pioneer woman cookbook!!

my mom got me her cookbook for christmas and i'm hooked! i am sooooo tempted to repeat "Julie and Julia" with this lady....ryan is very encouraging!
he had one look at the book and was like, wow....yum....go for it hunny! haha!
this lady is hilarious! and guilt-free! soon i will be!

so i have already made 2 of her recipes....jalapeno poppers (wrapped in bacon--!) and spicy pulled pork - (which we had tonight!- wow!) i made them on separate occasions, and I'm all the more eager to try all her potato recipes.
this pregnancy is loving potatoes.
(catch that?--yep, I'm pregnant with #5!! due in early Aug!)'s to happy weight gain and yummy potato feasting!!


  1. yeah!! her website is awesome too, my sis showed it to me and i've almost been motivated to actually cook! :-)
    Love you friend! if i were there i'd happily gain weight with you!

  2. yummy potatos!!!!!! eat up your eating for 2!!! love you