Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i just thought i'd give you a glimpse of our Christmas morning breakfast! ooh yum!
it was good eats for sure. we are getting on a cooking kick around here...ryan just got a new cookbook! Alton Brown-- Good Eats! we are excited to learn and explore new recipes!
so....what's new around here?
Ember (5yrs) is growing a new tooth...yup!! but the loss of one isn't required apparently! it's very strange....the new one is growing in behind the old baby tooth...just waiting for that one to get kicked out soon!

Brighten--(20months) is growing in language and games! he loves being chased, so anything he can grab and run with, he will!! his language is developing so fast....

Adia (3yrs)--has started asking us in advance (the night before)--for a specific breakfast item for the following morning....eggs are #1, it was oatmeal today! she is our food-loving girl!

Ivory- (4yrs)--she is experimenting with facial expressions and excuses!! if it's not the headache then it's the yawn that will keep her from cleaning up the game room....that girl!

gotta love em! in all the area's of newness! we are blessed indeed!

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