Sunday, April 18, 2010

My husband allowed me to go and get refreshed this past weekend - actually wed--saturday night at morningstar! it was their women's conference, actually my first conference that i've attended at morningstar! took 4 years of living here to finally attend one~! such is life with little ones :)
anyways, it was awesome!!
i want to encourage you all to check out some of the sessions online...they are free to look at-worship included! my favorite speaker was Denise Goulet--from L.A. -woah man, she's a power might get dizzy from watching her walk and get out of breath, and fall off the stage, but she has good, freeing, things of God to say! i hope you are encouraged as i am.
i am still looking at her teachings and soaking in them.
very refreshing and encouraging for my little heart right now, in this weird in-between-place i feel that i'm in.
so be blessed!!

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  1. i'm so glad you got to go! happy that it was a blessing to your heart.