Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring has sprung!!
it is quite lovely down here in south carolina! i'm addicted to watching everything grow....
even the weeds as i pluck them up! :)

ryan is headed to wisconsin for 5 days for a prayer/worship gathering. please pray for him!!
and me and the kiddos as we truck- on without him!! we are getting over a mild sickness, so that is always a happy thing!

brighten gets his cast off tomorrow!! yippee! he will be thrilled to use his arm again.
today, we were watching "Tarzan"--and in the middle of the scene where Tarzan is fighting the cheetah, brighten runs into the kitchen asking for a "poon"--(a big spoon)--daddy hands him a whisk and he starts running around the house jabbing the air--we think he was re-acting the movie scene he just saw!! he is soooooo boy, sound affects and all!!

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  1. Liz Carey5:46 PM

    Hey! I didn't know Brighten's arm was in a cast, but I glad to hear he has it off in time for the weather to warm up and summer fun to begin. The Careys miss you guys and hope to see you soon!