Friday, March 18, 2011


.....and boy are we tired!

this is a shot of just one of our evenings this week....these days are exhausting!
happy, full, and tiring!
1. i love my family, i'm very thankful for all of them.
2. i'm thankful for Ember-who will be 7yrs old on sunday! time has flown. i'm going to attempt to throw her a birthday party
next weekend for the first time! yikes! it's a big undertaking for me, but i want
her to be blessed and have some fun!

3. i love baby Olivia! she's such a blessing, she sleeps a lot and is such a joy!

4. i love corned beef and cabbage....we realized that we all love it so much, why don't we have it more often? instead of once a year? sheesh!

5. i love to much! i'm making Ember a skirt for her birthday! i just modeled one of her skirts, i'm pretty excited! i hope she will wear it!
i'm also making her a french bulletin hand ALL of her art work on...believe me, there is so much to hang...daily she produces lots and lots of art!
(pics coming soon.)

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