Friday, March 11, 2011

help!! i need some birthday celebration ideas!!
ember will be turning 7 on march 20th!
she is super excited, and i'm fresh out of ideas.....
well...i have a couple :)
but i would love your imput!! what should i do?
any ideas for a party that don't involve my house?

livi lou is growing so fast...learned how to roll over (belly to back)
she is such a happy baby!! i'm so blessed.
happy friday to you!


  1. i've heard that monkey joe's is really fun! i'm not sure about cost, but i'm sure its worth checking out!
    Happy 7th Ember!

  2. our local gym has a multipurpose room that they rent out for small events, it includes access to the indoor pool, maybe you could do something like that? an indoor pool party? or maybe there's a nearby children's museum that allows parties?

  3. scavenger hunt at the lake...picnic (cake) at the benches after!